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President Obama's Executive Order 13514
August 1, 2010

The President Obama's Executive Order 13514 is less than 9 months old, however, it represents the high water mark of a wave of federal policy that has been building momentum for over a decade. We recognize that complying with EO 13514 will be a monumental task for federal agencies as 15% each agency's existing facilities and building leases (above 5,000 gross square feet ) must meet the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership In High Performance And Sustainable Buildings by 2015.  For the most part it reissues Executive Order 13423 (signed by President Bush in 2007) but with "teeth" as it requires the Director of the Office of Management and Budget to review each agency's Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan concurrently with their review of such agency�s budget request.  We understand the potential consequences to the budgets of those agencies that come up short

Fortunately, this is not our first time in these waters and we can assist your agency by developing a plan, training your staff and contractors to effectively implement the plan, and providing continual guidance in navigating through the storms ahead.  We are experienced in implementing sophisticated carbon reduction planning as well as educating environmental and training professionals, business people and institutional decision makers.

Achieving LEED certification for your existing buildings and implementing commissioning programs offer a straightforward and comprehensive strategy for compliance with the federally mandated benchmarks and milestones. Carbon-Key, is excited for the opportunity to useour experience and expertise to assist your agency or organization in achieving LEED certification, developing and executing commissioning programs,replika órák and acting as a resource to provide continuing guidance in environmental regulatory compliance.  The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can guide you on the road to compliance and success!

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