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Carbon-Key Principal contributes to regulatory review for nuclear steam electric generating station
April 15, 2012

Boiling water with uranium to produce 2,200 megawatt (MW) electricity and zero carbon emissions

Joseph Porrovecchio, Carbon-Key�s Principal, is an also an environmental health physicist, hired by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to  perform analysis of normal operational emissions and author the Health Physics and Radwaste Management portions of the FEIS* for the Levy Nuclear Plant Units 1 and 2. This environmental impact statement (EIS) has been prepared in response to an application submitted to the NRC by Replica Ball Watches Progress Energy Florida, Inc. (PEF) for combined construction permits and operating licenses (combined licenses or COLs). The proposed actions related to the PEF iwc pilot replica watches application are (1) NRC issuance of COLs for two new AP1000 power reactor units at the Levy Nuclear Plant (LNP) site in Levy County, Florida, and (2) U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) issuance of a permit to perform certain construction activities on the site. The USACE is participating in preparing this EIS as a cooperating agency and participates collaboratively on the review team (which comprises NRC staff, contractor staff, and USACE staff).
This EIS includes the review team's analysis that considers and weighs the environmental Mido replica watches impacts of constructing and operating two new nuclear units at the LNP site and at alternative sites, and mitigation measures available for reducing or avoiding adverse impacts. After considering the environmental aspects of the proposed action, the NRC staff's recommendation to the Commission is that the COLs be issued as proposed. This recommendation is based on (1) the application, including the Environmental Report (ER), submitted by PEF; (2) consultation with Federal, State, Tribal, and local agencies; (3) the review team's independent review; (4) the consideration of public scoping and draft EIS comments; and (5) the assessments summarized in this EIS, including the potential mitigation measures identified in the ER and this EIS.

*Final Environmental Impact Statement for Combined Licenses (COLs) for Levy Nuclear Plant Units 1 and 2 (NUREG-1941 April 2012)

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