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livebetter Magazine interviews Joe Porrovecchio on Building Green
November 1, 2010

Why Everyone Needs To Build Green, livebetter MagazineIssue Number 1, 2007

What Is a Green Building?

The USGBC, a non-profit and voluntary organization consisting of 10,000 member companies, was founded  in 1993 with a vision of transforming buildings and communities into �environmentally responsible,� �economically profitable� and �healthy places to live and work.� In fact, this push to go �green� has spawned an industry worth more than $12 billion within one decade and has underscored a successful emphasis on productivity and efficiency � two standards that are vital to any business. 

And the movement to build 2017 
green, with its robust and hefty gains, is easier to join than one may imagine by utilizing items such as landscaping that retains stormwater, roofs that reflect heat and low-emitting materials that reduce pollution.replicas relojes This win/win relationship partners savings and revenue generation with a healthier and more safely built environment. 

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