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Carbon-Key publishes article on the importance of Nuclear Power in livebetter Magazine
November 19, 2010

Revisiting the Nuclear Option, by Joseph Porrovecchio

Generating electricity on a large scale is as simple as boiling water: Boiling water makes steam that drives turbines, and turbines spin generators to create electric power. Boiling enough water at the right temperature is the challenge. How does the U.S. do this cleanly? Most of the time, the country boils water by burning fossil fuel; in fact, 70 percent of its electricity is produced this way. Sometimes the U.S. uses nuclear energy to boil water, but this accounts for only 20 percent of its electricity1. If Americans are serious about powering their lives with clean energy,replicas relojes this ratio needs  to change. At the very least, reversing this 70/20 ratio must become a centerpiece to any serious national energy policy. Read More... 
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